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For any inquiries regarding product reviews, the opportunity to sponsor posts, gifts or giveaways, or to place ads on this website, please email me at polishedpinstripes@gmail.com. Any products submitted to Polished Pinstripes Blog will be reviewed only at my discretion and the reviews will be my personal assessment of the product. Any gifted items will be noted by the letters c/o ("courtesy of") placed before the brand's name the first time the name occurs in a post.

Ruthanna Kirk and Polished Pinstripes Blog do not store the names, email addresses or any other personal information submitted to me. No personal information will ever be sold, rented or added to third-party mailing lists or submitted to third-parties to be used in any form of solicitation. Ruthanna Kirk and Polished Pinstripes Blog do not store or retain any information collected about visitors to this blog.

All text and images on this site are copyrighted by myself, Ruthanna Kirk at Polished Pinstripes Blog, www.polishedpinstripes.com. You are more than welcome to link to my blog, but no text or image or any other form of content may be used or reproduced in any manner without my explicit, written consent. Please email me at polishedpinstripes@gmail.com if you would like to use any content from this blog.

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Polished Pinstripes Blog maintains relationships with several affiliate link programs. Ruthanna Kirk and/or Polished Pinstripes Blog may earn commissions from purchases or clicks made by those who visit this site.

All Opinions Are My Own
All posts on this blog are solely the opinions of me, Ruthanna Kirk, as the author of this blog. Nothing written or posted on this blog is to be interpreted as being the opinion of any company, entity or person other than myself, Ruthanna Kirk.

Legal Disclaimer
Neither Ruthanna Kirk nor Polished Pinstripes Blog is offering or attempting to offer any legal advice, legal opinions or recommendations regarding any form of the law in any jurisdiction, including US, UK, EU and international law, on this blog. Nothing that is written or posted on this blog is to be construed in any way as legal advice or being any sort of legal opinion. The use of any information posted to this blog does not create or continue an attorney-client relationship. This blog is for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to provide any information on legal developments. Please note that this communication may constitute "Attorney Advertising" under the New York Rules of Professional Conduct and under the law of other jurisdictions. 

In consideration of the sensitive nature of my work as a lawyer and due to privacy considerations for my clients, this blog is published under a pen name. By visiting this site, you agree and accept that this fact shall not make any policy, procedure, contract or other agreement any less binding or applicable than if created or entered into under my legal name.

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