Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Name: Ruthanna Kirk
Location: Currently London, England but originally from the USA.
Day Job: Corporate lawyer at the London office of a U.S.-based Big Law firm where the work day is 9-midnight or later.

About Me: During the work day I can be found at my desk streaming Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and opera arias from my iPhone while maintaining the hectic pace of a corporate law associate. When not working, I love discovering new treasures in London, particularly in my Shoreditch home neighborhood. 

My Style: My office dress code is business casual during the normal workday and business formal when we see clients and attend outside meetings, so I love  classic neutrals that can be mixed and matched together. For unique pieces and specialty items, I love tracking down local London designers and mixing their runway pieces in with my pencil skirts and pumps.

About the Blog: I started this blog as a way to create what I wanted to read every morning after I was done scanning the headlines of the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal: a lifestyle blog focused on working women who balance a love for fashion with a corporate dress code and the desire to travel, enjoy life and find fulfillment with the pressures of being a woman in the male-dominated corporate world.  

What Makes This Blog Different?: One of the most noticeable things about this blog is that I am constantly rewearing my clothes. Most fashion bloggers are known for constantly changing their outfits and, except for a few beloved pieces of clothing, most items do not make repeat appearances. But for me, this blog is actually what I wear to work on a daily basis. I don't have an incredibly extensive wardrobe of work wear - in fact, I'm still just trying to build up my professional wardrobe. So, here you will see me wearing the same items again and again, but in different combinations and with different accessories.

Associate Editor
Name: Marielle Collins
Location: Austin, Texas
Day Job: Freelance writer, whose work has been published in a variety of media, including the business school textbook Strategies for Building an Agile Organization: Leading CEOs on Establishing Collaboration, Engaging Innovation, and Maximizing Value, and founder of SummerGirl Fitness, a fitness and wellness start-up.
About Me: I enjoy all things Lily Pulitzer, watch Audrey Hepburn movies on repeat and love, love, love French macarons.
About My Style: I have a vibrant and energetic style, as well as a unique knowledge of the challenges faced by small business owners, particularly women.

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  1. Wonderful idea ! Exactly what I need for my company, too! Love it :)



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