Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tips and Trends: Workout Wednesday

A good sweat session is one of the best ways to reduce stress, take a break from work, and clear your mind after a hectic day. Some of my favorite workouts are ones you can do right at home in your own living room. Here are some of the best home workouts that are short and effective to get you in shape with only a small amount of time.

1. Poolside Pilates 

Pilates is an amazing way to tone and shape the body and focus on core strength and endurance. Try this workout at home to strengthen the abs, glutes, legs and arms.

2. Bikini Yoga Flow 

Nothing says relaxation quite like a Yoga flow workout. This one is filmed on the beach and ohhh so relaxing. Tone up while relaxing and distressing from your day.

3. Weight Loss Cardio Sculpt 

Jessica Smith has a great Youtube Channel with full length workout videos to do after work. Burn calories and have fun in less than 30 minutes!

4. Barre Fitness Workout - Booty, Abs, Arms 

Engage the total body with this ballet inspired workout. Tone up gracefully with this workout you can do anywhere with just a chair.

5. HOT Body HIIT Workout 

Blast calories with this total body workout. In just 12 minutes you can get the heart rate up and really tone and shape all the major muscle groups.

Try these workouts this week to get some exercise in during a busy work week. These videos are great to do in the morning to jump start your day or at night after a day at the office. Leave you comments for Polished Pinstripes below and happy workout!

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