Monday, July 13, 2015

What to Wear to Work: Back to Basics

Dress: J. Crew, US and similar here for UK
Jacket: J. Crew, US and UK
Pearls: similar for US here and UK here

So my latest deal has gotten pretty busy and I have been running around quite a bit. This classic little black dress and matching jacket is the closest I can get to wearing sweatpants to the office because it's SUPER comfortable. Also, this is a GREAT outfit for changing into flats once it hits 5:30pm and I know that I'll just be curled up in my office for the rest of the night, because the dress and jacket combo still looks quite chic even without heels. Turning up the sleeves to show the striped cuffs adds a touch more color and takes the edge off the rather severe jacket. Adding the pearls keeps the whole thing from looking too boring. For this outfit I usually opt for my long string of pearls so I can loop it several times - a single strand of pearls looks a bit too basic. I'm trying to keep up some semblance of fashion while pulling 15+ hours in a day!!

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