Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tips and Trends: 5 Chic Office Hairstyles

With freezing weather finally starting to warm, and the need for giant winter hats lessening somewhat, you can finally embrace fun hairstyles for spring. Below is a roundup of 10 of my favorite, chic office hairstyles from Pinterest. Embrace spring and new beginnings with a unique look for the office.  Click on each image to learn how to do the style!

1. Pull Through Braid 

Pull Through Braid - Annie's Forget Me Knots
This classy and professional style works perfectly for the office. I love the way the braid wraps around and looks sleek but undone. Make sure you have clear elastic ties for this look.

2. Twisted Bun 

Twisted Bun - LuLu's

This new take on the classic bun is a great office go-to. Way more simple to create than you think, this look will be a new favorite. A perfect way to add some texture to a basic hairstyle.

3. 1950's Inspired Ponytail 

The Beauty Department - Vintage Pony
Vintage yet modern, this ponytail has a classic and fun vibe. Use a curling iron to curl the bottom pieces, or leave it straight if you are in a rush. Use a texture spray to add some extra volume. 

4. Messy French Twist 

Messy French Twist - Bellashoot 
A french twist is always office appropriate. Mix things up with this messy take on the classic french twist. This look works both for the office, or for an elegant evening event. 

5. The Gibson Tuck 

The Gibson Tuck - The Freckled Fox
Tuck your hair up and inside for this elegant and chic hairstyle. It looks effortless and is simple to create. Add an elegant headband for even more options and to change this look from day to night.

Try these hairstyles for a way to switch up your look this spring. Leave your comments and questions below!

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