Friday, February 6, 2015

The Top 10 Apps Successful People Use

Technology today is amazing. Each day there are new apps being created that can turn your smart phone into everything from virtual bubble wrap, to a makeup mirror. If you are a busy working professional, however, there are also endless useful business apps that can make your work life easier. Here is a round up of the top 10 apps for working professionals. Add these to your phone to make your life simpler in 2015. 

1. iAnnotate

iAnnotate App $9.99

Use this app to read, mark up and share documents and PDFs from your smart phone or tablet. You can use a pencil, highlighter or underline tool to markup the document and add pop up comments as well. Sync to the cloud to access your files from anywhere. This app retails at $9.99 but is definitely well worth the investment. 

2. Evernote 

Evernote App - Free + Available Upgrades

This app is a workspace that collects notes, ideas, pictures and projects all in one place. Take notes, store documents and manage to do lists all in one place, and access them on the go. Most people download the app on all their devices so they can keep important information accessible at all times. Perfect for students and busy professionals. This app is free to download but has premium versions available at varying prices. 

3. Dropbox 

Dropbox App - Free

Almost everyone uses Dropbox to store and share files, but do you have the app on your phone? The Dropbox app is extremely useful because it allows you to upload and download photos and documents from your phone and on the go. It is free to download and definitely a must have for every working girl. 

4. FlightTrack 5

FlightTrack 5 - $4.99 

If you travel for work like I do, you are frequently scheduling, organizing or going on a business trip. This app keeps you up to date on all the travel and flight information you could ever want. Search flights by number, route or airport and get real time departure and delay information. The app also has terminal maps to help you find your way around any airport you are going through. This app is $4.99 and has been a lifesaver to me already. 

5. SignEasy 

SignEasy App - Free

This app makes signing documents easier than ever. With SignEasy you can sign documents securely from your iPhone or iPad, and save time by not having to scan, email or fax papers. The app saves every file you send, and emails you copies for your records. This app is free and used by business people everywhere. 

6. TurboScan 

TurboScan App - $2.99

Turn your iPhone into a scanner to use on the go or at the office. Scan receipts, documents, contracts and papers to store or email as PDFs. Ranked the #1 Business app in the United States and 30 + countries for 3 years now, this app has definitely saved countless people time and money. The app has ultra fast processing and very clear images. It retails at only $2.99 - definitely cheaper than an actual scanner! 

7. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn App - Free

As a professional, LinkedIn is one of the most important social media networking tools out there. The app is a great way to stay up to date on your connections, browse job openings and business opportunities, and network with others in your field. Download the app for free today and update your profile. 

8. Spotify 

Spotify App - Free 

If you love to listen to music at the office, the Spotify app will be your new best friend. Download the app and listen to full albums of your favorite artists, as well as comedy pieces, books on tape and any genre of music you can imagine. The app is free but you can also sign up for Spotify Premium for $9.99 a month to get ad free listening.  

9. Uber 

Uber App - Free

Taxis are "so yesterday", and if you live in a busy city, you probably already use this app every day. Uber is a ride service app that allows you to request a ride from an uber drive in more than 50 different countries. Use PayPal or a credit card to pay through the app so you never need cash on hand. Request the ride and your driver comes right to you, without having to flag down a cab. The app is free to download. 

10. Flexter Fitness 

Flexter Fitness App - Free

If you are busy and unable to make it the the gym or to a personal trainer appointment, this fitness app might be the perfect solution. With free workouts in a variety of styles and for every type of fitness enthusiast from beginner to athlete, this app can be your daily workout buddy. The app takes you through each workout step by step, with simple routines you can do at home or at the office. SummerGirl Fitness is featured on this free fitness app so download it and try a workout today. 

Comment below with some of your favorite business apps, and let me know if you have tried any of the ones above! 

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  1. I am loving the SignEasy app! Thanks for posting these!


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