Wednesday, February 18, 2015

6 Fun Winter Activities to Try This Month

The worst part about cold weather months is you end up spending far too much time cooped up inside. This leads to the inevitable winter blues, excessive listening to Norah Jones and a severe Netflix addiction. Switch things up this weekend with some fun winter activities that can be done indoors and outdoors.

1. New Friends Happy Hour 

Take this opportunity to get to know one of your neighbors. Write a quick note and slip it under your neighbor's door, saying you would love to get to know them better and meet for drinks sometime that week. Try a local happy hour, new coffee shop or lunch spot and enjoy making new friends.

2. Winter Jog 

Just because the temperatures have dropped does not mean you cannot still enjoy an outdoor jog. Be sure to bundle up with lots of Under Armour gear and a North Face jacket, but you can definitely brave the chilly weather for a brisk jog around the park in your neighborhood. Finish your run with a hot cup of almond milk with cinnamon, nutmeg and organic honey to warm up!

3. Oscar Movie Night 

AMC Oscar Marathon Event

It is officially Oscar season and there are so many great movies being discussed. Many theaters are showing Oscar run downs of the most talked about films this year. Take advantage of the cold weather to catch up on all the award winning movies you missed earlier in the year, and make bets on which ones you think will win on Sunday!

4. Ice Skating 

Ice skating is one of my favorite outdoor, winter past times. I love outdoor rinks and if your city has one, definitely take advantage of it. Ice skating also makes the perfect group activity - make a Facebook invite and see who all would like to join you this winter weekend.

5. Day at the Museum 

Look up your local museums and find interesting exhibits going on in your area. Invite a friend to go to one with you and catch up while staying cultured. Get out of your house or apartment but stay warm in an art gallery, library, history museum or cultural center.

6. Skiing/Snow Boarding 

Take a winter afternoon to curl up and plan a weekend ski or snowboarding get away with friends. Find the closest resort to you, and make plans to go skiing at least once this winter. Again, the perfect activity to share with friends, the planning alone will help a winter day seem brighter. I love having weekend trips to look forward to, and a ski get away is the perfect mini vacation.

Let me know what YOUR favorite wintertime activity is in the comments below!

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