Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Year's Resolutions: Upgrade, Explore, and Expand Your Taste in 2015

Last week I blogged about my first New Year's Resolution - getting lean and healthy in 2015. This week, though, I am talking about a resolution that is a little more fun and simple to achieve.

Resolution #2: Upgrade, Explore and Expand Your Taste in 2015. Here are 3 ways you as a busy working professional can upgrade the foods you eat, explore new flavors and expand your taste in the new year. 

Upgrade Your Food 

It can be a challenge for the busy working girl to find time to cook healthy and delicious meals. Long days at the office usually end with take out dinners, heat up meals or boring ham sandwiches. It is time to upgrade your food in 2015! Thankfully there is a simple and easy way for the working girl to cook delicious, healthy food. The secret is Blue Apron

Blue Apron delivers fresh ingredients and great recipes to your doorstep every week. Each Blue Apron box comes with all natural ingredients, and the instructions you need to make a healthy and delicious meal in just 30 minutes. The best part? No grocery shopping required, and no time wasted hunting for a recipe and finding all the random ingredients. 

Discover unique recipes every week, and try new foods you never would cook or buy on your own. Blue Apron uses only the best seasonal ingredients, and with everything delivered right to you - this is perfect for the professional woman. Each meal has 500-700 calories per serving and all the ingredients are fresh, so you can upgrade your food and get healthy in the new year! 

Try Blue Apron here and learn more about upgrading your food in the new year. 

Explore New Flavors 

Along with delicious food, explore new flavors in 2015. Whole Spice is an herb and spice company  that creates freshly ground in-house herbs and spices. Located in Napa Valley, this spice company offers everything from your favorite household spices, to exotic rare spices. They have a Spice Club that you can join to help discover new flavors in 2015. 

You will receive a new spice set every 3 months with unique spices, and recipes and ideas on how to use them.  Spice club members get discounted prices on all the sets, and with these spices delivered right to your doorstep, you just sit back and wait for exciting flavors to arrive. 

For the professional woman busy at the office, joining the Four Seasons Spice Club is the perfect way to bring the flavors to you! 

Expand Your Taste 

Along with food and spices, expand your taste in wine this year as well. For those of you with a long standing relationship with Pinot Grigio and Merlot, it is time to expand and try something new in the new year. One great way to do this, is to join the brand new Club W

Club W is a unique way to buy wine online. You visit their website, answer a quick survey and they will make suggestions on new wines they think you will enjoy. Based in California, this direct to consumer company has created a unique way for people to discover and buy wine. Club W selects wines for your palette and delivers them to your doorstep every month. If you love a good glass of wine after a long day at work as much as I do...this might be the perfect club for you to join. 

No need to spend time hunting down new wines, going out to buy them and lugging bottles back to your city apartment. Just take a survey and wait for delicious wines to arrive. Sounds like a great resolution to me! 

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