Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year's Resolutions: Get Lean in 2015

With the holiday season officially over and 2015 in full swing, it is time to make our New Year's resolutions. This week's Tips and Trends post kicks off my New Year's Resolution series: 4 resolutions for the working girl and how to achieve them.

First on the list is to get fit, lean and healthy this year. Staying healthy in the midst of a busy schedule and stressful job can seem almost impossible - but with a little guidance we can all get healthy this year. To help with this resolution, Polished Pinstripes has partnered with SummerGirl Fitness to bring you the Get Lean in 2015 Challenge! 

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This exciting challenge includes a weekly printable meal plan, a monthly workout schedule with all your workouts laid out for you, and weekly Vlogs with fitness support and motivation! 

Weekly Meal Plan Includes: 7 breakfast options, 7 snack options, 7 lunch options and 7 dinner options that you can mix and match throughout the week to create your own healthy meal plan. Switch between meal, repeat favorites or add to the suggestions to have a delicious and healthy food every week. There will be a new plan added every week for countless healthy meal options.* 

* Disclaimer: Meal plan recipes are suggestions of healthy options and are not intended as dietary advice or as a substitute for medical counsel.

Monthly Workout Schedule: Your monthly workout schedule will tell you exactly what workout to do every day. The schedule combines cardio, strength training, toning, yoga and stretching for a complete total body workout this month that will jump start a healthy 2015. All the videos are available on the SummerGirl Fitness Youtube Channel and are workouts you can do at home with a small amount of space - perfect for the busy working girl. 

This challenge has everything already planned out and gives you all the tools you need to reach your health goals. For the working girl with very little free time, this challenge is the perfect answer!

Get started today with this 20 minute Total Body Workout! 

Find out more about the challenge HERE, and sign up so we can all get started on a healthy 2015. 

Leave your questions and comments below. Happy 2015!  

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