Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tips and Trends: Comfortable Work Shoes Roundup

When it comes to shoes, like most girls I definitely love my heels! However, my feet might beg to differ. During long work days at the office, it's good to have some chic, comfortable work shoes in your closet that you can break out when your feet have had enough of the heels. Below are 5 comfortable shoe styles that look fabulous and feel even more amazing.

1. The Ballet Flat 

Ballet flats, sometimes called Dolly shoes, are modeled after ballet slippers with a very small heel and a simple tied string bow in the front. This style of shoe has been worn since the 16th century, and in medieval times it was popular with both men and women. Ballet flats enjoyed a resurgence of popularity, however, after Audrey Hepburn wore a pair in the 1957 movie Funny Face.  Today, ballet flats are popular for women and girls and are found in many different textures, fabrics and colors.

Halogen 'Gala' Round Toe Flat

2.  Moccasins 

Historically worn by native people of the Americas, moccasins were made out of deer skin and protected feet during hunting and traveling. Today, moccasins are often worn as slippers with fur lining, and as durable shoes with reinforced bottoms. The basic design has stayed chiefly the same over all these years, and this comfortable, practical and stylish shoe has stood the test of time, and remains as popular today as it was decades ago.

Coach 'Nancy'  Flat

3. The Oxford

The Oxford shoe first appeared in Scotland and Ireland, but was later named Oxfords after gaining popularity at Oxford University. The Oxford shoe was modeled after a half boot called the Oxonian and evolved as students began to rebel against wearing knee high or ankle high boots. Women's Oxford shoes became popular as early as the 1920's, and were very trendy in the 1950's. Today this men's inspired shoe gives women more freedom with style and design, and provides a great professional and comfortable shoe.
SoftWalk 'Maine' Oxford Flat

4. The Loafer

This stylish, comfortable and versatile shoe is worn by people all over the world and beloved by many high end designers.  In 1936 G.H. Bass created a very popular shoe called the Penny Loafer. The term penny came from the fact that school children used to put a penny inside the diamond shape cut out on the shoe to use for the pay phone. Today loafers are worn by both men and women and are versatile enough to be worn to the office, or on a relaxing Saturday.

Munro 'Mallory' Leather Loafer

5. Smoking Slippers 

Smoking Slippers came to light in the 1800's as an evening slipper worn indoors. Hugh Hefner made the smoking slipper popular as part of his iconic look, and Tom Ford famously paired the smoking slipper with a men's suit in the 90's. Today, women have adopted the smoking slipper as a trendy and stand-out piece of comfortable footwear.  Embellished with jewels, luxury fabrics, and bright colors these chic shoes can be worn for almost any occasion.

Sole Society 'Miia' Loafer

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