Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tips and Trends: It's Halloween!! Go from Office Outfit to Costume Party in Just a Few Steps

So you find yourself in the dreaded scenario of having to run straight from work to your child's school Halloween party (adults are expected to come in costume, of course), or maybe your boss has decided to make everyone come to work dressed up in a Halloween costume, because "it'll be fun!"? Here are some suggestions for easy, professional-looking Halloween costumes that require only a few additions to pieces pulled from your normal work wardrobe! 

1. Black Cat 

Wear to Work:  Favorite black pantsuit, white blouse, and black heels.

Add On:  Pair of cat ears, pin-on tail, whiskers drawn on with black eyeliner pencil.

Stylish Black Cat 

2. Elphaba/Wicked Witch of the West

Wear To Work:  Simple black work dress, black tights and a black cardigan.

Add On:  Pointy witch hat and green face paint. 

Elphaba/Wicked Witch Costume

3. Coco Chanel or Jackie Kennedy

Wear to Work: Chanel-styled suit (pencil skirt, boxy-cut jacket), and black quilted flats.

Add On: 
For Coco Chanel – Various strands of faux pearl necklaces, bright red lipstick and a quilted black bag. 
For Jackie Kennedy - Big round sunglasses, gloves and a pillbox hat.

Coco Chanel/ Jackie Kennedy

4. Peggy From Mad Men

Wear to Work: Vintage-style high-waisted pencil skirt, and a twinset (shirt and matching cardigan).

Add On: Vintage style pumps with a slightly thicker heel, pearl necklace and pearl earrings.

Peggy from Mad Men

5. Sandy from Grease

Wear to Work: Fit-and-flare dress, button down cardigan in a contrasting color, and oxford shoes.

Add on: Rockabilly petticoat underneath your dress (measure length of dress to ensure proper length), and small square scarf to tie around neck (knot goes on the side, with one tail behind the shoulder and one in front).

Sandy from Grease (50's Girl)

Try one of these costume ideas for a practical and easy transition from work outfit transition to Halloween costume in seconds! 

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