Friday, October 31, 2014

What to Wear to Work: Silk Top, Suit Pants and Bold Jewelry

Top: Ann Taylor, similar here | Pants: J. Crew
Jewelry: picked up from a local market, similar necklace, bracelet
Clutch: Clarks UK, similar here

My office would definitely NEVER let us wear costumes to work, but at least I can dress up my work clothes with some fun jewelry and throw a cute clutch in my bag for once I get out of the office!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tips and Trends: It's Halloween!! Go from Office Outfit to Costume Party in Just a Few Steps

So you find yourself in the dreaded scenario of having to run straight from work to your child's school Halloween party (adults are expected to come in costume, of course), or maybe your boss has decided to make everyone come to work dressed up in a Halloween costume, because "it'll be fun!"? Here are some suggestions for easy, professional-looking Halloween costumes that require only a few additions to pieces pulled from your normal work wardrobe! 

1. Black Cat 

Wear to Work:  Favorite black pantsuit, white blouse, and black heels.

Add On:  Pair of cat ears, pin-on tail, whiskers drawn on with black eyeliner pencil.

Stylish Black Cat 

2. Elphaba/Wicked Witch of the West

Wear To Work:  Simple black work dress, black tights and a black cardigan.

Add On:  Pointy witch hat and green face paint. 

Elphaba/Wicked Witch Costume

3. Coco Chanel or Jackie Kennedy

Wear to Work: Chanel-styled suit (pencil skirt, boxy-cut jacket), and black quilted flats.

Add On: 
For Coco Chanel – Various strands of faux pearl necklaces, bright red lipstick and a quilted black bag. 
For Jackie Kennedy - Big round sunglasses, gloves and a pillbox hat.

Coco Chanel/ Jackie Kennedy

4. Peggy From Mad Men

Wear to Work: Vintage-style high-waisted pencil skirt, and a twinset (shirt and matching cardigan).

Add On: Vintage style pumps with a slightly thicker heel, pearl necklace and pearl earrings.

Peggy from Mad Men

5. Sandy from Grease

Wear to Work: Fit-and-flare dress, button down cardigan in a contrasting color, and oxford shoes.

Add on: Rockabilly petticoat underneath your dress (measure length of dress to ensure proper length), and small square scarf to tie around neck (knot goes on the side, with one tail behind the shoulder and one in front).

Sandy from Grease (50's Girl)

Try one of these costume ideas for a practical and easy transition from work outfit transition to Halloween costume in seconds! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What to Wear to Work: Black Suit and Leopard Scarf

Jacket: J. Crew | Pants: J. Crew
Scarf: Nicole Miller, similar here

This week I decided to feature classic work wardrobe staples with a fun twist, perfect for workdays when you'd like something a touch more daring. With Halloween this Friday, you have the perfect excuse to wear something slightly unusual! For this outfit, I took the classic black pantsuit, but added a gold-colored camisole underneath that has a hint of shine and layered on a bold leopard-print scarf. The black of the suit really makes the scarf stand out. While this might look like a normal day-at-the-office outfit, I paired the scarf with the classic black business suit as a look that you could consider wearing to a client meeting or board presentation, as it adds a bold, unique touch, but still looks polished and professional.

Friday, October 24, 2014

What to Wear to Work: Cheetah Sweater and Brown Pencil Skirt

Sweater: Nordstrom, similar here | Skirt: J. Crew, similar here
Belt: Nordstrom, similar here | Pumps: Clarks, similar here

I just love, love, LOVE leopard! Most other animal prints don't really do it for me (I've never really been into zebra), but leopard - absolutely! This cardigan might be a bit strong to wear at the office, but if you know you'll be spending the whole day doing paperwork, you might as well wear something you love! I've paired all the browns with my burgundy pumps for a touch of a different color so the look doesn't become too monochromatic. Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tips and Trends: Empowering Costumes for the Professional Woman

Leave all bunny ears at home, and forget the "damsel in distress" princess costume you wore last year. This Halloween is all about paying homage to strong, brave, and powerful woman that inspire all of us professional women! 

1. Strong Female Rulers 

Queen Elizabeth the I - Ruling England from 1558 until her death in 1603, during what is now know as the Elizabethan era, Elizabeth created a space for flourishing English drama and exploration. She represents a strong female ruler perfect for the professional woman to emulate. Rent a Tudor Style costume from your local costume store or order this 16th century outfit.

Queen Elizabeth I Costume
Cleopatra of Egypt:  The last active pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra was regarded for her great beauty, wit and intelligence. She ruled jointly with her father and brothers and then on her own until her death. Cleopatra represents a strong female ruler known for both beauty and intelligence. Create your own Cleopatra costume with by draping a sheet as a tunic over a simple white maxi dress. Pair it with an Egyptian style headdress and snake bracelet to finish the look. 
Snake Bracelet 

2. Hollywood Blockbuster Heroines 

Hermione: The central female wizard from Harry Potter, Hermione, is known for having incredible brains and bravery throughout many trials and adventures. Create a simple Hermione costume with a black robe and handmade printed out Gryffindor Logo. 

Katniss Everdeen: The famous Hunger Games heroine, Katniss, is known for being smart, brave and strong during her many dangerous and perilous adventures.  Find simple black pants and a top, wear hair in a braid and bring a bow and arrow to finish the look. 
Katniss Everdeen Bow and Arrow

3. Female Fantasy Favorites 

Eowyn from Lord of the Rings: The beautiful and spirited shield maiden from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings longs to fight in battle. She eventually kills the elusive Witch-King who could not fall "by the hand of any man" but dies at the hand of this strong woman. Find a costume at your local costume store or order a realistic recreation from Ebay like the one below. 
Eowyn Costume - Ebay

Princess Leia from Star Wars: This strong sci-fi heroine fights alongside jedi knights and is equally brave, effective and important as her male counterparts.  Stay away from "Slave Leia" costumes that would definitely not be office appropriate, and opt instead for Leia's white outfit with the cinnamon bun hairstyle. These costumes can be rented from a costume shop or found online like the one below. 
Princess Leia Adult Costume

4. Historical Heroines 

Clara Barton: A pioneer nurse during the American Civil War, Clara Barton founded the red cross, one of our country's greatest humanitarian organizations. Create a Clara Barton costume with some rented civil war era clothing and a red cross pin. 
Red Cross Pin

Harriet Tubman: A union spy, humanitarian and abolitionist, Harriet Tubman escaped from slavery and went on 13 missions to save enslaved friends and family. A powerful example of feminine determination and bravery, Tubman utilized the underground railroad to bring slaves to freedom and later worked with the woman's suffrage movement as well. Pair your civil war era clothing with a shawl and headscarf to complete the look. 
Harriet Tubman 

5. Polished Political Women 

Hillary Clinton: A female powerhouse in politics, Hilary Clinton served as a Senator, the First Lady, and the U.S. Secretary of State. Create a Hilary costume with your favorite pant suit, a Hilary button and a copy of her biography. 
Hillary Clinton Button
Andrea Merkel: This german politician has been Chancellor of Germany since 2005. The first woman to hold this office, Merkel represents female empowerment. Merkel was named the second most powerful person in the world by Forbes Magazine in 2013, which was the highest ranking ever achieved by a woman in this list. Stick a small german flag in the buttonhole your favorite pantsuit to create an Andrea Merkel costume. 
Small German Flag

Rent, buy or create one of these costumes, and make a statement for strong, powerful women everywhere this Halloween! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

What to Wear to Work: Cobalt Dress and Leopard Clutch

Dress: Nordstrom, similar here | Cardigan: J. Crew
Necklace: Betsey Johnson, similar here
Clutch: Target, similar here | Pumps: Corso Como, similar here

What I love about sheath dresses is that they are so easy to style! They also go perfectly from work to play. Here I've paired this cobalt blue sheath with a cardigan, classy pumps and a statement necklace for work. For a touch of sass after the workday ends, lose the cardigan and add in a leopard-print clutch! These shoes are perfect office-to-cocktails shoes as well! The gold bows are muted enough for the office, but add a little extra spice for a night out after work!

Friday, October 17, 2014

What to Wear to Work: Bespoke Blouse and Clarks Burgundy Pumps

Shirt: Love and Be Loved | Skirt: J. Crew, similar here
Pumps: Clarks UK, similar here

This top is just such a fabulous piece for fall! I feel like it gives me a touch of a modern, trendy look without being inappropriate for work. Plus, the leather panels on the side are perfect for this season's trend of leather accents on clothing. I've added a touch of color with my burgundy pumps, as I didn't want to go overboard on the brown. Fore work I would turn the collar down and allow the shirt to look like a simple collared blouse, but for these pictures I thought I'd have some fun and leave it up for the trendy look.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tips and Trends: Fashionable Patterns for Fall 2014

Tips and Trends: Fashionable Patterns Fall 2014


This classic fall pattern originated in the Scottish Lowlands, and is now used not only with wool fabrics but also other materials. Houndstooth is a common design for jackets, coats and hats as well as men’s sport coats. This eye-catching print never seems to go out of style, and the classic Houndstooth pattern is just on trend this fall as it was in the 1950’s.


Tweed, a closely woven fabric, is soft and flexible, moisture resistant and durable. Originally made for outdoor activities such as shooting and hunting, tweed was a casual fabric for the upper class. Tweed is also associated with numerous famous fictional characters including detective Sherlock Holmes. This fall tweed gets an edgy twist, pared with leather and mismatched patterns. Tweed always looks professional and is the perfect pattern for a dress, jacket or stylish fall clutch. 
Halogen Mixed Media Sheath Dress
BOSS 'Koralia' Leather Trim Tweed Jacket
CXL by Lacroix 'Agnes' Clutch


Designers went mad for plaid this season. Traditionally associated with Scottish kilts, plaid has been worn for centuries. This year, however, plaid is seen on everything from pencil skirts, to pants, to scarves and shoes. Try plaid in a new way this fall, and incorporated it into both your professional and casual fall wardrobe.
Press Plaid Peplum Coat
Bobeau Plaid Midi Skirt
STATE Digital Plaid Jacket
Have fun with patterns this fall - leave comments below! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

What to Wear to Work: Red Belted Cardigan and Brown Skirt

Cardigan: Target, similar here | Belt: Nordstrom, similar here
Skirt: J. Crew, old color, love this one here 
Pumps: Franco Sarto, similar here

I know, I know, belted cardigans have been a thing for many years, so I have no idea why I only just now picked up on this as a great work wear idea! Adding a belt completely changes the look of the outfit and you don't have to add any extra accessories. It's just such an easy way to mix up your look! This is definitely my new favorite way to revise and recycle my outfits!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

What to Wear to Work: Boyfriend Blazer and Hermes Scarf

Dress: Nordstrom, similar here | Blazer: Target, similar here
Scarf: Hermes (but you have to buy in-store), or 
second-hand at places like LXR & Co.
Clutch: Clarks UK, similar here | Pumps: Clarks UK, similar here

We got the most FABULOUS weather in Scotland, so it was the perfect place to show off some of my fall favorites. These burgundy pumps and clutch are absolute mainstays in my closet this year, and a black blazer is always a classic. I also LOVE getting to wear my Hermes scarf - it's a bit heavy on the burgundy and gold, so it's definitely a fall piece, which means I try to get as much wear out of it every fall as possible!

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