Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Working Girl's Workout: Classy Workout Clothes for the Career Woman

Balancing a busy career and weekly exercise can be a challenge for the working woman. The solution? Fitting in a 30-minute session during your lunch hour, running a mile before work or heading straight to the gym after an office meeting. With your work life and active life coinciding, make sure you have an appropriate workout wardrobe just in case you run into the CEO or Managing Partner on your way to the gym. Here are 5 tips to make YOUR workout wardrobe office appropriate!

1. Basic Colors – stick to a more neutral and understated color palette. Even though neon and bright colors are all the rage at Nike, keep you work week fitness attire simple. Stick to basic, darker colors that won’t make you stand out like a sore thumb as you walk through the office.

Lulu Lemon Run Swiftly Top 

2. Keep it Covered – even if you are headed to a super sweaty spin class, keep the sports bra top for another day. Invest in gym clothes that are conservative and classy so you can maintain a professional appearance in the office. 
Lulu Lemon Miss Misty Pullover
3. No Sweats Allowed – when changing into your gym clothes at the office, leave the baggy sweats and ripped t-shirts at home. Make sure you have well fitting, nice looking exercise clothes that keep you looking classy and not disheveled.  

Zella T-shirt
4. Keep Hair Styled – Fitness hair does not have to be a messy bun, or stringy, sweaty ponytail. There are easy workout hairstyles that look fabulous before, during and after your sweat sessions. Some of my favorites are the ballerina bun and the French braid. You can also invest in stylish headbands to keep hair in check during the workout. 
Ballerina Bun
French Braid

5. Opt for Dry-Fit Fabric – No one wants to be seen out in public with sweat marks. Choose dry fit fabric for your workout shirts and pants instead of pure cotton to avoid embarrassing sweat marks when coming back into the office.  On that note, stay away from any light colored pants for the same reason! 
Nike Epic Dri-Fit Boatneck


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