Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tips and Trends: Business Travel #1 - What to Pack

 Business Travel Tips and Trends
#1: What to Pack

Starting this week, I will be doing a series of posts on business travel. I've been doing a lot of traveling for my law firm lately and thought I'd share some of the tips and tricks I've learned to help make business trips as easy, stress free and enjoyable as possible!

The first time I was told to travel for business, I started frantically searching "what to take on a business trip" and "how to pack for a business trip", because I simply had no idea. Now that I'm more experienced, I keep a basic list so that no matter where I'm going, I know that I have the essentials.

Business trips can take many forms - short or long, driving or flying, doing research where you will be all by yourself or going to meetings with executives where you need to look your best. Your business packing list should encompass all of these needs, so that you can easily cut it down if the business trip is short, but don't need to think through what else you might need if the business trip is long. The list below includes a number of basic toiletries, as I have found that there is often a chance that a one-day business trip can turn into a two-day business trip. Meetings can run late, clients can decide they want you to meet their business partner who is flying in tomorrow, flights and trains can get cancelled, and so on. Therefore, I like to make sure that if plans change unexpectedly, I'm not stuck having to search for an open drug store at 10pm in a tiny town in Northern Sweden (NOT a fun experience).

My packing list (for a non-overnight trip):

-light face cream
-makeup remover wipes
-small hairbrush
-hair tie and a few bobby pins
-wool pashmina
-wool socks
-change of underwear
-t-shirt or tank top (something I can sleep in)

It's always helpful to have your basic toiletries with you, no matter how short of a trip, so I always take along toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and a light face cream. In case I get stuck overnight, I make sure I have makeup remover wipes and my glasses, plus a small traveling hairbrush, a hair tie and a few bobby pins so I can put my hair into a chic ponytail the next morning for the plane ride home. Plus, I always carry with me a wool pashmina and pair of socks in case I get cold (they are also useful for on the plane), a change of underwear and a basic tank top or t-shirt that I could wear to bed if I got stuck and had to stay overnight.

When I KNOW the trip will be overnight, I add the following:

-heavy face cream (for night)
-contacts and contact solution
-large hairbrush (instead of a small hairbrush)
-2nd set of business clothes

When the trip will last at least one night, I make sure to bring my basic makeup essentials, plus a night cream, as airplane rides, time zone changes and general stress can wreck havoc on my sensitive skin. I make sure I have along my contacts and contact solution - I wear dailies, so I actually bring a fresh pair of contacts, but if you wear normal contacts just make sure you have along your case. Since it's a multi-day business trip, I will actually need to stay in the hotel and be ready to work the next day, so I bring along my real hairbrush, full pajamas and a second set of business clothes.

Readers, what essentials do you always bring on business trips???

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