Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tips and Trends: Make A Statement!

Make a Statement

US: 1) J. Crew, 2) Nordstrom 3)  Baublebar,
UK: 1) Oasis, 2) John Lewis, 3) Topshop

Today let's talk about one of the most ubiquitous ways to make a statement - statement necklaces!! These extra large, chunky necklaces have become super popular in the last five years, and you can now pick one up at almost any store, for any price. The downside to them is that in a conservative work environment, they can quickly look too cheap or flashy (or both). Here are four tips to help you pick out a lovely statement necklace that still looks classy and office appropriate:

1) Quality
Make sure the metal and jewels on the necklace do not look cheap or damaged. The metal should not be scratched and there should not be areas of the necklace where the coating has worn away, allowing you to see the real metal underneath. The jewels should be made of heavy plastic or glass, as the heavier material will be more durable. Color should be consistent throughout the jewels, and they should be firmly glued or held in place by prongs. If they are sliding around, that is a sign that they may fall out. 

2) Usefulness
Be sure to pick a color that will coordinate and look classy with lots of pieces in your wardrobe. Don't pick a necklace in a color that will not go with anything you own. On non-work fashion blogs, statement necklaces are often used as clashing pieces or harsh contrast pieces to give an outfit an edgy "fashionista" vibe. In the work environment, however, that can quickly end up looking like you just have no idea how to coordinate an outfit. If you have lots of purple in your wardrobe, pick a necklace in a complimentary color, such as blue or grey. If you like to wear lots of blue, pick a necklace in coral or peach that will pop against the darker color, but still look elegant.

3) Tasteful
Statement necklaces are supposed to be large and eye-catching. However, they should still look tasteful. The office is probably not the place to wear a necklace made of huge flowers that looks like something a small child would pick out. Nor is it the place to wear the huge, super fake crystal gemstones that scream "Real Housewives". Look at stores such as J. Crew or Banana Republic to get an idea of what the more tasteful statement necklaces should look like. Even if you plan on picking up your signature necklace at a local market, at least you will have an idea of what you should be looking for.

4) Fit
Just like you never know how that pair of pants will fit until you try it on, you never know how that statement necklace will look and feel on you unless you drape it around your neck for a few minutes. Everyone's face and body are different, and a necklace that may look great on your best friend might end up being too long, short, thick or heavy on you. So definitely make sure that you try on several styles of statement necklaces in order to find out what suits you best. If you are shopping for them online, I recommend making sure you can return any that don't look absolutely fabulous once they are around your neck. 

Ladies, have you found your signature statement necklace? Where is your favorite place to shop for them?

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  1. I love Number 5 ! I found one of my favorits statement necklace at Don´t know if there is a UK or US Version.


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