Monday, April 7, 2014

Tips and Trends: Floral Pencil Skirts

Floral Pencil Skirts

I am super excited about this - I have finally figured out how to make those cool collages that I always see on other fashion blogs! For my first collage, I decided to do one based on the trend that I definitely want to add to my work wardrobe this spring: the floral pencil skirt. It's a bold piece to be wearing around a law office, but as long as you aren't going to visit a client, it can be perfectly acceptable for daily wear. I recommend keeping everything else simple and toned down by wearing classic accessories, such as a white or pale blue button-down shirt, simple small earrings and a classic watch. For shoes, I would definitely suggest sticking with nude or black and let the skirt be the focus. While you may be stuck in the office while everything is comin' up roses, these skirts give you a way to bring a little bit of the spring foliage inside!!

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