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Tips and Trends: Top 6 Classic Office Pumps

classic shoes for professional women

US Brands: 1) Jimmy Choo, 2) SJP, 3) Corso Como
UK Brands: 1) LK Bennett, 2) River Island, 3) John Lewis

We all know how much women love their shoes! But sometimes it can feel like working in an office takes all the fun out of shoe shopping - every day it's just the same basic black pump. Soooooooooooo not true!! Today I've put together a collection of the six basic, classic pumps that every woman can have in her wardrobe and wear to the office, no matter how conservatively dressed she must be.

Classic Black
Just because it's classic does not mean it has to be boring! Since this is your go-to work-horse shoe, make this the footwear item that you splurge on. That way, even normal days at the office will feel slightly special, and you will know that you have gotten your money's worth out of the item, since you will wear it so often. If Jimmy Choo is out of your budget, try Stuart Weizman, SJP or even Corso Como. Just make sure that this pump is real leather, a comfortable height, and fits your foot as perfectly as possible. This is NOT a shoe that should be uncomfortable - save that for those super cute strappy stiletto sandals!

These shoes come in as a close second to your basic black pump, because they will end up replacing your black pumps for all but the most formal occasions during the spring and summer. Since this is definitely a two-season shoe, however, I would recommend not shelling out the super big bucks for it. Just make sure you find something classy and comfortable. Patent leather is an excellent choice for this shoe, because sometimes nude regular leather can show scratches or marks. Plus, it can be difficult to find a shoe polish that exactly matches the shade of your shoes. To clean marks off of a patent leather shoe, rub them gently with mineral oil.

Who doesn't love a pair of red high heels? Maybe not a banking client or a judge, but for a normal day at the office where (let's be realistic) your feet will spend most of the day under your desk, red pumps are definitely OK. Add to the style factor by choosing a pair made out of a fun fabric, such as suede or even cotton. If you are still worried about standing out too much, make sure your outfit is toned down and very professional (think a conservative black sheath dress) and tuck a pair of black flats into your bag to be used if necessary.

Navy Blue
This color isn't as fun as red, but at least it is a nice change from your basic black. Plus, navy blue shoes can be worn year-round and look lovely in all seasons. Pair them with brown in autumn, deep reds and purples in winter, grey in spring and white in summer. Stash a matching navy clutch into your work bag and use it for cocktails on one of the rare days when you make it out of the office before 7pm.

Love, love, love the snakeskin pattern! The nice thing about snakeskin is that it is the most "classic" of all the animal print patterns, and the least likely to raise eyebrows at a conservative office. I think it's because from a distance, your shoes just look like they are different shades of brown and cream, in contrast to leopard or zebra print which are always very obvious, even from across the room. Since snakeskin print shoes are supposed to be fun, you can definitely get away with having this pair be the cheapest in your wardrobe. I would suggest either nice leather or high quality vegan material, but you definitely don't need to break the bank here.

Grey Pumps
These are the last on my list because you can easily make do without them. However, grey pumps give you a nice "something different" when you are bored with your standard shoe circulation. Like navy pumps, they transition easily throughout all four seasons, and like red pumps, you can buy them in a fun fabric since they are a bit of a "different" shoe. Again, I wouldn't break the bank for a pair, but if you want to go work shoe shopping and already have all of the above, think about going grey for a change!

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  1. I absolutely love all of them :) When I look at my shoe cabinet I definity have to many black pumps. I was looking for nude or gray but couldn´t find the shoes I like. I don´t know, if you know/like this shop or if there is a english version, but they have really nice, and comforty shoes, too. And It´s a bit cheaper. Next time you are in switzerland or germany you should give it a try.



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