Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Winter's (Hopefully) Last Goodbye

I am hopeful that winter will soon be gone, but as it is still hanging over London, I thought I would give this skirt another wear. The gray wool is too thick to stay in my closet  for very much longer, but I've paired it with a crisp Oxford shirt instead of a sweater to make the outfit a bit less heavy and wintery. This is a pretty standard corporate office outfit, but I decided to dress it up with longer earrings that I would usually wear and pinned my cameo over the top button of the shirt, instead of wearing it on my lapel or to the side. You have to be careful when doing this, as you do not want to break the pin by forcing it over a button that is too large, but my shirt's buttons were just the right size. At least the green in my earrings makes me think of spring, even if the weather is not cooperating!

Skirt: Old Ann Taylor, similar here for US and here for UK
Blouse: Banana Republic, here is the same on the UK site
Earrings: my earrings are made of Murano glass. Here are some ones I'm loving in the US and here are some in the UK
Pin: My cameo pin was originally my grandmother's, but Ebay and Etsy always have lots of beautiful options.


  1. I like your broach a lot. I haven't spent the time to go through etsy to find the perfect balance btw "old maid" and classic updated vintage broach yet. I just bought some massively on sale tweed ann taylor jackets, that I'll sadly need to save most of the wear for next winter but they would benefit greatly from a cool broach.

    Do you ever wear scarves under suit/blazers jackets? I love that look. I think it's so classic & elegant. But I haven't found the right scarf or way to make it all piece together or really hold to fold it right either. I'm thinking that would be really fun way to feel more springy!

    1. I've never tried to wear my scarves under my suit jackets - usually I wear them over the jacket, tucked under the lapels a little bit. I'll have to experiment with some of my jackets and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the tip!


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