Friday, February 7, 2014

What is Black and White and Red, and is NOT a Marked-Up Document?

The inspiration for this outfit did actually come from looking at a printed document which had been edited in red pen and thinking "wow, nice color combination. I should wear that." I should point out that I had marked the document in red myself, as my colleagues are all very nice and do markups in pencil, not in glaring red ink. Red, white and black is a great color combination, though some might think it's a bit daring for a conservative office. What grounds this outfit is the tweed skirt and sensible white blouse, which are both quite traditional. The zebra-print belt adds a touch of whimsy, but overall it stays well within the bounds of appropriate office attire.

Shirt: Banana Republic, here is the same on the UK site
Skirt: Nordstrom Fall 2013, similar here for US (but pricey), here for UK (but it is technically a mini skirt, so may not be appropriate for taller ladies)
Belt: Chaos Leather (handmade in London), similar for US here


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