Friday, February 28, 2014

Old Lace and New Texture

Today's outfit is a slight move towards spring because it incorporates a lot of brown. Over here in London, brown is definitely a spring/summer color, and black is for fall and winter. The inspiration for today's outfit comes from the beautiful vintage purse I picked up at Vintage Skins in memory of a purse my grandmother used to have. Its polished dark brown color looks lovely with my black lace sweater and my brown snakeskin print shoes! They aren't technically new, but I haven't worn them all winter so they feel new to me. To add to the old-world look, I accessorized with pearls and my cameo earrings. The dress is a touch shorter than I would normally wear to work, so I wore black tights to keep everything appropriate. Happy Friday!

Dress: White House Black Market, similar for UK here
Sweater: Banana Republic from 2012, a couple of options for US here and here and UK here and here
Earrings: similar options here and here, or check Etsy or Ebay
Pumps: Corso Como, similar for UK here
Purse: Vintage Skins (they ship overseas to the UK)


  1. I think it's very interesting that brown is a spring color in London... I tend to think of brown as a Fall color, and black is definitely a Winter here. By the time Spring rolls around (which this year seems to be very late), I am very ready for lighter, "happier" colors!

  2. I know! It's been a bit of a wardrobe adjustment, to say the least. I think it's because overall, the London color palate seems to be more subdued than what we wear in the US. Women tend to wear a lot of neutrals and don't wear the bright colors that Americans wear in the spring and summer. As a result, shades of brown become a warm-weather neutral to replace all the black that gets worn in fall and winter. But I love my bright colors, so I'll be bringing them out anyway :-)

  3. What brand of hose are your go to for day in and day out wear? I seem to be much like you and have to wear hose everyday and wanted to see what brand you have found to be the best.

    1. I get my hosiery from Talbots in the US. It's not the first place you would think of for hosiery, but they seem to last pretty well. I also hand wash them in my sink after every other wearing.


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