Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Office-Appropriate Street-Style

Inspired by all the Fashion Week bloggers throwing together trendy looks to attract the attention of the street style blog photographers, I decided to put together a street style-inspired office look. "Street style" as generally seen on fashion blogs is, at its core, an amalgamation of different "trend" pieces that are styled together in such a way that they actually form a cohesive outfit. Most people who wear the street style look start with some very basic pieces (like a white blouse and jeans, or a blazer and ankle-length pants) and then start layering on more trendy pieces to create their outfits.

Here, I've started with a basic black J. Crew dress as my base. To add some color and a touch of Asian-inspired flair, I then added my wide obi-style red suede belt. Over that, I've thrown my cropped motorcycle jacket. Its basic black color and the chiffon ruching on the front panels tones down the metal zippers on the sleeves and makes it work-appropriate. To finish off the outfit, instead of a necklace or earrings, I've decided to go back in time with my jewelry and wear some vintage brooches. Wearing two next to each other gives it a modern, "stacked" look that keeps it from looking too much like my grandmother. So there you have it: classic + Asia + motorcycle + vintage = street style that works in the office.

Dress: J. Crew, similar for UK here
Jacket: Forever 21, similar for US here and UK here
Belt: Chaos Leather, similar for US here
Jewelry: For similar pins or something unique that suits your style, look at websites like Ebay or Etsy


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