Monday, February 17, 2014

Sartorial Statements: London Fashion Week!! #LFW

Hi everyone! No Monday outfit this week is London Fashion Week!!! Unfortunately maintaining my normal job means that I will not be able to go to any cool shows, but I was able to attend one of the LFW kickoff parties!! My husband was very nice and agreed to go with me even though it was Valentine's Day. We ran into the beautiful Lu Li from 3 Ways To Wear and I'm pretty sure I spotted some other well-known London fashion bloggers in the crowd. It was definitely an event for up-and-coming fashionistas, and there was a LOT of networking going on! But of course the focus was on the clothes!!!

The party was sponsored by London Ethnic, which is an e-commerce site selling clothing and accessories designed by London-based designers and produced in the UK. Browsing their site is a great way to really get a feel for the current London fashion scene, and the designers they feature are quite talented. The runway was a mix of various designers London Ethnic sells online. To see all of the outfits featured on the runway, visit my web album. Here I've just featured my favorites :-)

LOVE this combination for the summer! I would definitely rock the jacket at the office, and if the dress could be made in a looser light wool with less ruching, it would be totally work appropriate.

Both of these tops would work for the office with a few tweaks. The neckline on the blue top would need to come up a bit, and I would get the fit tailored in a bit to be less blousy. The purple top is almost perfect, though I would wear a cami underneath it and obviously wear it tucked in.

 This beautiful jacket/dress would be perfect for the office in fall if the skirt was a bit longer! I would wear it as a dress, not a jacket, however, as I think it looks beautiful on its own.

 All of the components of the outfit on the left could be worn to the office, just not with each other. But, if you mixed them with classic black staples, they would be simply stylish without overdoing it. The dress on the right is perfect for work - just raise the neckline a touch or wear a cami.

 This is definitely NOT a work outfit, but we all need something to wear when celebrating with your friends on a (rare) free weekend. The necklace is fabulous!

 This incredible blue velvet gown was definitely the highlight of the evening! With the blue silk flowing from the shoulders, this dress definitely belonged on a red carpet. The high neckline makes it perfect for a work-related black tie gala where you want to be stunning, but not shocking.

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