Friday, February 21, 2014

#LFW-Inspired Pantsuit

The grey London weather made the coloring on these pictures look a bit dark, so it is difficult to see the contrast between the black jacket and the navy blue pants. But under the fluorescent lighting of the office, you can definitely see the difference. Ideally I think the jacket would look better with very slim-cut pants, but it works fine with my regular suit trousers. This outfit is also my nod to fashion week, as I am sporting my handmade London jacket and slightly larger jewelry than I would usually wear to the office. Plus, I like mixing in some green through the necklace - it makes me think of spring!

Jacket: Love and Be Loved by Amin Philips
Cami: Ann Taylor, similar for UK readers here
Pants: made in Hong Kong, similar for US here and UK here
Jewelry: Similar necklace here for US and here for UK

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  1. I think I try to get some spring into my worklife,too. Bought some new "spring colored" work pieces yesterday. Do you remember Zara ( from Zurich? I think you would really like it!

    Keep on blogging !


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