Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day, Office Style!!

I LOVE holidays and I've always loved matching my outfit to the holiday! Unfortunately, due to my office environment it is no longer acceptable for me to wear head to toe pink and red with heart jewelry, like I did in high school and college. And I can't even get away with one of the adorable heart sweaters that so many other bloggers have been sporting this week. So, this is my toned-down and subtle Valentine's Day office look. The cream sweater and cranberry red skirt look more sophisticated than the bright red and pure white combinations I used to wear to class. I also stayed away from heart jewelry, as I thought it was a bit much, but added a bit more sparkle than I would normally wear to the office. The shoes are my favorite part of this outfit! I didn't want to go with black pumps, because I thought they would look too severe, and these cream Jessica Simpson ankle-strap pumps turned out to be just perfect!

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Skirt: Banana Republic, similar for US here and for UK here
Sweater: Banana Republic, similar here for US and here for UK
Jewelry: Similar earrings - US and UK, and necklace - US and UK
Shoes: Jessica Simpson from several years ago, similar here for both US and UK


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