Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Welcome to Polished Pinstripes!

Hi everyone!! I am so incredibly excited to launch this blog and hope my readers enjoy it. For my very first outfit, I wanted to do something classic and slightly vintage. This suit is about as classic as you can get. The style is directly copied from Coco Chanel, as the tweed boxy jacket and pencil skirt were her invention. The red color adds a bit of flair, and to top off the vintage look, I added Chanel's favorite jewels in the form of a pearl necklace and large pearl earrings.

Suit: Classiques Entier at Nordstrom. Currently it is out of stock, however they have another similar suit on sale (skirt here, jacket here). If you like the style but not the color, keep watching for their new spring collection to come out, as Classiques Entier always seems to have a Chanel-inspired suit in every collection. Nordstrom ships to the UK.
Pearls: Picked up from the jewelry market in Kowloon, Hong Kong, but a similar pearl necklace and pearl earrings can be found here for my US readers and here and here for my UK readers.
Shoes: Classic black Stuart Weizman pumps. Mine are a few years old, but similar ones can be found here for my US readers and here for my UK readers.

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